Do you want to renovate your house? Pay attention to the ethics

When funds to beautify or build a house accumulates, millions of ideas pop into your head. However, one thing that must be considered when renovating a house with a Scaffold tower hire is your ethics with your neighbors. Building a house in an environment that is already occupied has ethics. Under such conditions, house construction activities will more or less have an impact on the neighbors left, right, front, and behind. Among them are building dust and noise. For that, check the ethics of building or renovating a house in your neighborhood. If only your house is being renovated, and your closest neighbor is feeling fine with his house, share your plans for renovating the house beforehand. Tell me if there is a possibility of noise coming from the woodworking equipment being used .

Make sure there is a barrier between your house and your neighbors. For example, if it was just a wall that wasn’t too high, add a fence on top. The point is that there is no dust or dirt due to renovations flying and getting into the neighbor’s house. Dust particles from cement or sand used to build houses have the potential to cause respiratory problems. Establish masonry hours and ask them to stick to it. It is better if working hours are only done during the day and stop working at dusk, before sunset. The reason is, at night is the time for your neighbors to rest, don’t let them have trouble sleeping as a result of hearing the hammering in your house. Set a rule for builders working on renovations, that is, they should not throw trash outside your home. All unused building materials must be disposed of in the trash can of your home and should not be scattered.

Clean the driveway of your house if there is still sand left, so it doesn’t fly and pollute your neighbor’s yard if it’s in the wind. Also, do not let the habit of builders who like to hang out and smoke in front of the house. Ask them to chat outside the housing complex. It could be that your neighbors object to the noise and cigarette smoke caused.

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