Mining for Gold in the Call Center

Core / Root Causes of Under-performing Call Centers
In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s no longer enough to simply meet-or even exceed-your customers’ expectations. Your organization is facing tough competition and you need to learn ways to delight your customers with the products and services you offer Titan Call Center.

What might be surprising to you is that you can look to your call center to find some of the easiest ways of adding value; this is a prime opportunity to reduce your waste and variation in performance.

The sources of waste and variation in call centers typically comes from one or more of the following classic problems in this area:

Rework and Correction
There are no “mulligans” in the real world, and when your employees consistently need to re-do or correct their work, you’ll be losing time and money on quality monitoring and escalations.

Minimal Human Involvement
Look out on the call center floor; do you see actively engaged employees, or mainly those who are working robotically, with their heads down? Getting your staff involved and engaged is key to achieving operational excellence in the call center.

Work Flow
If your call center staff is spending time waiting for work to arrive, waiting on call-backs or management input, waiting on escalation queues or maintaining a large email backlog, you’re basically throwing money away. Look for ways you can smooth out the work flow and keep everything-and everyone-running on time.

Knowledge Disconnect
Do you know what your customers and clients really want? How do you know for sure? Monitoring the customer complaints and common in-bound call reasons can point you directly toward potential improvements.

Diligence is one thing, but over-processing work leads to needless time and effort spent with no value return. Are your employees focusing on creating a “perfect product” that no one wants? Are they spending large amounts of time in duplicating documentation or record-keeping?

What does your inventory look like, if you have one? How about your labor scheduling? Stocking too much inventory and being over-staffed will cut into your profits and efficiency drastically, and is one of the biggest causes of waste in call centers.

By addressing these common causes of waste and variation, your call center can begin to move smoothly and efficiently. However, don’t think that you can simply “fix it once and forget it”; monitoring your call center should be an on-going exercise for your organization, in order to note and correct any emerging problems before they spread.

Drill-Down into Critical Processes for Gold Opportunities
Call centers are very dependent on robust processes, carefully designed and standardized to create a smooth work flow and consistent result. What happens when those processes break down, or worse yet, were never designed to work smoothly in the first place?

Leadership in the call center operations is the first place you should look when your critical processes aren’t up to your expectations. Once you have identified the key roles and the organizational structure of your call center operations, you can begin looking at the relationships forged between front line staff and management.

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